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Cozy Cattery


Happy cats



Cozy Cattery has 50 individual luxury units which are full height (approx 1m by 2m) & divided in half so that each has its own separate inside & outside area.

Shelves & bedding are provided so that our feline guests can laze in the sunshine, in a peaceful country setting just minutes away from Richmond.

Our units are lovely & cool in the summer months, while underfloor heating in winter keeps everyone cozy & warm.

Cozy Cattery only has individual units so that all cats have their own safe environment where I can monitor their eating & toileting habits.

I try to provide the same diets they have at home, with many brands of quality dry food available plus tinned food & fresh meat.

Though customers need to provide any prescription food I will give medication. I do not take diabetic cats though, as I think they are better left in a vet's care

We also have a large parking area with plenty of room to turn around in.